Thursday, August 11, 2011

Homesteading and being Feminine

Ever since we moved, we've been dreaming of starting a garden and a mini- farm. A few weeks ago I used all my savings and bought a Kinder goat, named Bell, who is pregnant! She will freshen in mid- October and we are so excited to have a few kids. She is so sweet and funny. It took her a few days to warm up to us, but we can finally pet her a bit. She's still not used to the little ones(she's such a temptation to chase ).

Sometimes working on a farm( no matter what size), can make it harder to be feminine. But my sister and I have decided to start wearing skirts more often and it makes a huge difference! Now they don't have to be to the floor or frumpy. We've been making ours out of old jeans we have, and they turned out cute.

I like wearing skirts, not just because they make me feel feminine, but also I know that I am covered and not causeing a brother to stumble. When I wear a skirt, I want to do womanly things, such as cooking and baking for my family, sewing, being a nicer sister to my siblings. The list is endless! What a blessing it is to be a woman! Praise the Lord!

Pictures coming soon!

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