Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Coming Soon... The Whispering Tree

We would like to make an announcement!

We are working on setting up an online store called The Whispering Tree to sell all of our hand made treasures! I am hooked on crocheting hats and shoes and making felt owls. Hagen loves to make adorable dolls and dioramas, and Mom makes slings! Our style is sort of a whimsical, tree nymph look, so I think the name fits. Here is a sample of our products.

These are a few hats I experimented with. I'm still working out a few kinks as to size and comfort.

This is a doll Hagen made me for Christmas! She is so woodsy and has a little basket of apples!

We are also working on our logo, tags and business cards. All we need is a Tax ID number! Please pray that everything would work out. We are SO excited! - Layla

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  1. Layla, your crochetted items are so pretty and, Hagen, I love the dolls you make.