Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Trucking with Dad!

 Hey everyone, just got back from trucking with dad. His new job allows us to come with him on the road. This is dad's second week with his new job and Gabe and I have already gotten to go! We went to Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Tennessee on this route.The roads are so pretty. We were surrounded by tall pines most the time, we also saw some beautiful fields, filled with cows and horses. 

Gabe had a Great time!

We were gone for Three days, This is what we saw Most the Time.

Gabe and I took truck stop showers for the fist time,Gabe was so excited, that he saved the receipt for memory!   :)        Dad thought I was bored in the truck, but with dad life never gets bored! I am so blessed to have a dad like Dad.

In conclusion to all of this, I would like to say that I learned a lot about trucking. You need patience to be a truck driver, patience is not my best subject. Therefore, I tell ye I could never be a truck driver. But I still had a lot of fun with Dad.  :)     ~  Hagen


  1. Excuse the bad grammar, it was actually one in the morning when I posted this. lol ~ Hagen

  2. I love this post! What fun to travel through many different states and see all the beauty within our great country. I'm sure there's never a dull moment with your dad. He kept us laughing during his growing up years. :) Mimi
    PS Great pictures!

    1. Thanks again! I am so thankful for Dad!