Thursday, August 30, 2012

Skirt Challenge- Day 11

So, today consisted of cleaning, taking care of sicklies, knitting and ripping up carpet. Hagen and I both wore skirts that we made:

Hagen wore her Built Ford Tough tee, and a tiered skirt I made.

She is so great at posing!

shirt- wal-mart
skirt- homemade
shoes- wal-mart 

I wore the light blue shirt that you saw on Day 4, and this brown skirt I made. I, on the other hand, am not so good at posing!
 shirt- made by me
skirt- made by me
shoes- old navy

And  here is an extra picture of my sweet siblings!
 Gabe is missing because he is sick. :( 
Please pray that he would get better soon! Also, the Lord has provided me with a new owner for Luna! One down, four to go! Hope you have a blessed day!
Blessings- Layla


  1. Hi! Layla and Hagan,

    You both have very cute skirt's on. Hope your brother feels well soon.

    Abby C.

  2. This idea is so creative. One of my 103 things to do in 2013 is to wear skirts, and only skirts (excepting dirty farm work), for a week. I think I'll have to add into the rules to make sure the outfit's cute, too!

    1. I think it would be fun for you!
      By the way, what kind of farm work do you do? I enjoy dirty farm work! ;)
      <3 Layla