Friday, September 21, 2012


Since we can't have goats, we decided to switch to rabbits!(and, their called bucks and does too!!)
We got two bucks and three does, each of us kids got to name one!
We are so blessed by these rabbits, we got three for free, along with three cages, three water bottles and a little feed! Isn't that a huge blessing?!?!
 And they are all so sweet!!

 This is little Thumper. Layla named him.  :)

 This is Peanut Butter Cup. I named her.  :)
We have not bread her yet, she's a little to young.

 And Gabe named this (not so little) rabbit Belka. Not to sure where he got the name!
This doe and...

 Matilda named this doe Strawberry. She's the feisty one!
this doe are both pregnant! Baby rabbits next month!!  
 Eli named this little guy Tiger. :)

Aren't they just so cute! Peanut and Thumper are the best! And they were only $10! :)
I'm really excited about getting into the rabbit business, we are breeding them for meat.
We are planning on using their skin for bags, blankets, and other things.
 Just keep in mind I said "planning!" :)
   Well gotta go! Blessings~ Hagen

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