Friday, October 5, 2012

Skirt Challenge- Day 27

Well, it's has been quite a busy week! Lots of cleaning, crafting, cool weather, and the like.
On to the outfits! 
(this post might not make a whole lot of sense. Its like, 11:30, OK!)

I wore a long, black, wool skirt, and a plain, grey tee.
 And to spruce it up a little I wore a colorful bandana.    

 Notice the stairs, freshly painted!

Shirt- re-sized
Skirt- thrifted
Bandanna- walmart

Layla wore a very fallish outfit. I think mine was more wintery. :)
 She wore mustered yellow, long-sleeve shirt and tucked it in a longer flowery skirt.

Shirt- from friend
Skirt- thrifted

Don't  know what's up with that grey bar, maybe something with the uploader?

Hope your excited about this cold weather! We sure are! 
Blessings~ Hagen 


  1. Too cute! Love both of your skirts!

    1. Thank you Taylor! I really like maxi skirts, and high waisted skirts, too... mine is kinda granny-ish, but who doesn't like fruit? : )