Wednesday, January 23, 2013

What She Wore Wednesdays- Green Sweater

This fine Wednesday... 
Layla wore a very fashionable outfit...

 Isn't she adorable? <3

 She wore her hair in a very cute do...
Twisty, half ponytail.

 This is a very cozy outfit! But it could be made for summer...

I think her combat boots look  
fabulous with this outfit.... 

 Sun rays... <3

Layla... Oh So Pretty!

Sweater: Consignment shop $5
Skirt: From friend $0
Combat boots: Army Surplus store $20 
Leggings: walmart $5  

Only $30... That's pretty good, right? 

Well, what are your thoughts on this outfit?
How about the pics?

Oh and by the way, we now have 23 followers!
Untill next time,
Blessings~ Hagen