Friday, May 24, 2013

Video Friday {No.5}

It's Friday, and your long promised beach video is finally being posted! Can you believe it?!?
I have to admit I am no videographer... Photography is more my thing, so... yeah...


 So, what do you think?

Not to long ago I wrote a poem about the beach and I thought I ought to post it. It matches...

Nautical Peace

Upon the shore I walk,
the gentle breeze with me it talks.
The moist sand between my toes,
I'll never know from whence it comes or goes.
The sound of waves crash in my ears,
the noise, my mind it clears.
More than seldom a shell is found,
just waiting there upon the ground.
The bright sun shines upon my skin,
it soothes me from within. 
As I watch the ocean,
I see its rapid motion.
But suddenly, I notice the sun has just now set.
I realize that night and I have met.
As I walk away, I watch the moon slowly rise,
and it shines upon the tides.
I bid the waves farewell, but just for tonight.
I soon shall return at mornings first light.

Well, how was that? Obviously, poems aren't one of my strengths, but it'll do. ;)

Well, I hope you enjoyed this post!
It feels good to post a video again! 
Blessings, Hagen 


  1. "I realize that night and I have met" : my favorite line, Hagen! I love writing poems, too. Great job on the video- it was nice to see what a Texan beach looks like. It might have been fun to find an old Beach Boys song for your soundtrack :) Thanks for posting!!!

  2. I loved the video; I love your perspective! The poem was amazing as well! I love to write poems myself especially those that rhyme. Wonderful post looking forward to more, videos and poems! <3