Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sam + Theresa

Yesterday two people joined together, they left their families and started a new one. And they wanted me to photograph their special day! I was so nervous and it was my first time to photograph a wedding but the whole thing was so beautiful so they made it easy for me... Plus Theresa is my aunt and she really encouraged me.
It was a real good country wedding with cowboy boots, barbeque, and brown curls.
Here's just a sample of it all...



 Walking down the isle... Dad gave her away!

 The Kiss!


The veil...

I just couldn't not post this!

Well that's just a sample, what do you think? Any good? They are really happy with the photos, so I'm happy!



  1. Beautiful! You did amazingly well, Layla :)

    1. I took these! :D Thank you though! ;)

  2. You did a fantastic job Hagen, especially with your camera being so new! You have an eye for good shots. :)