Monday, December 9, 2013

What She Wore// Grey Sweater

I hope you are enjoying all of these fashion posts. We have accumulated quite a bit of pictures that need posting... 

 Today is Hagen's turn. As I said in this post, I just love her!

I'm sure you have noticed that she is an excellent photographer, and that I am not! But she is so photogenic that I think it makes up for my anti-photographer-ness (is that even a word?).

-What She Wore-
red shirt// from a friend, by Rue 21
purple tank // Walmart ($3)
 grey sweater // from a friend, by Old Navy
skinny jeans // Old Navy ($9)
shoes // Shoe Carnival by Converse ($50)
tree necklace // gift, by Hot Topic
Grand Total= $65

The most expensive item in this outfit are the high-tops, of course! 

Look at those dimples! 
It is cold and snowy here, so we are cooped up inside... Look out for more posts!


  1. Her dimples are so cute . . . as is the rest of her! I love you guys's fashion senses :)

  2. Aww! Hagen, you're simply 'dorable :) And you're growing up into a lovely young lady. It's so amazing to see pictures of you from when we first "met", and current pictures of you now. Even with all of life's ups and downs, you still have a joyful smile. Love you.
    Layla, I hear you on the photography thingy-dingy :P Abby is the great photographer, too! But for all of your anti-photographer-ness, you did an incredible job at capturing Hagen's spirit and warmth. Love you.

  3. Oh RC RC you are so good with words! I have to say that RC said everything!! Anyways I just Love this outfit and the high-tops of course!! :) Layla dear you did a awesome job at taking these!