Wednesday, January 29, 2014

What She Wore// Lovely Layers

Hello friends! I hope you are well. Our family has had the flu this week, poo! Thankfully it is moving through quickly, everyone is recovering well, and Mom and Dad haven't caught it yet... Praise the Lord!

This outfit is from a while back when we had tons of snow! It was bitterly cold, and so quiet. I love how the snow insulates everything...

I really like all these layers she has on, and the way she put them together! The pinks, browns and creams all go well with her complexion and really pop against the white snow.

My favorite elements of this outfit are 1) the bulky scarf from her friend, 2) the floral cuffs of her skirt rolled over the cardigan sleeves and 3) her bun!

-What She Wore-
brown shirt: hand me down -$0
 button-up: from a friend -$0
cardigan: borrowed from L -$0
scarf: handmade by friend -$0
jeans: Old Navy -$8
socks: Walmart pack of 3 -$5
boots: Academy -$50
coat: Walmart -$40

What are your favorite elements of this outfit? What are some ways you like to layer your clothes?
Stay tuned for an overdue post on I <3 Thursdays tomorrow!
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