Sunday, December 28, 2014

The Mockingjay Lives

And what is President Snow gonna do about it?


Because take a peek at Effie and Katniss.

                      No, that's really us. You had to look twice didn't you? And ya know what else?

We went and saw Mockingjay Part 1 opening day, dressed like this. 
We gotta a lot of complements and a few rude looks. 
But you could tell who knew who we were.

 Layla (a.k.a Katniss Everdeen) kept it simple and tough, as always. She wore a pair of cargo pants tucked into her combat boots, a fitted leather jacket over a grey thermal top, accompanied with her distinct Mockingjay pin and braid. The bruising on her face is certainly noticeable. Could be blamed on getting almost blown up in District 8....

                 I (a.k.a Effie Trinket) didn't spend a dime on my outfit. I made that awesome Capitol dress, and all of those flowers scattered about my outfit. The shoes. Well, I happened to already have them on hand but they were brown and just eh. Effie would certainly not wear those. But there's nothing a bit of spray paint can't fix! Just slap a big flower on and you're good to go! Capitol's best!

I talk about our outfits like it's no big deal. 
                                             But it was very big deal.

We had planned this thing for ages and I can't tell you how long I worked on my outfit....
                       It was so, totally epic. Mind-blowing.

We were so proud of ourselves.
                              Not to mention, we won a free candy.

If you haven't noticed, we are Hunger Games nerds.
                  And, in case you're wondering...
                                        We're gonna do this again when the next one comes out. New outfits of course!

Layla and Hagen


  1. This. Is. So. Epic.
    I've read all the books, but haven't seen ANY of the movies! I really want too though!

    1. Haha, thank you Elizabeth!
      You really should see the movies. Of course, books are always best :)

      <3 Layla

  2. Hey girls! Y'all look so cute!

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