Sunday, March 22, 2015

What She Wore// Katniss Cowl

Hey there!
I hope you are having a great Sunday, I know I am! The snow has finally melted here in the Ozarks. Here is an outfit I wore a few weeks ago when there was still snow on the ground...

 I have to admit, I love this outfit! It's comfortable, cozy and a little bit edgy. You see that cowl? Mom made it for my birthday from an old sweater. She's quit the seamstress! If you're a Hunger Games fan, you'll know that it's a Katniss cowl. It's so cozy and super warm. And not to mention, the color is awesome! 

 You should see the looks I get when I wear this outfit. Some people just stare, thinking,"What in the world is that girl wearing?". Others smile and nod because they know. Although not everyone may like it, I do and that's all that counts, right?

 Looking at this picture, all I can hear is Katy Perry's "Roar". 
In case you didn't already know, I'm crazy :)

-What She Wore-
striped shirt: gift
cowl: gift
jeans: Walmart $13
combat boots: Army Navy Surplus $30

What do you think?

Do you have a favorite outfit or item that may not necessarily be "in", but you still love it?
Don't worry about what others think, because the haters will just keep on hating!
With love,


  1. I like it! Very unique, looks warm. (: I'm not a fan of the Hunger Games, though (:

    1. Hey, thank you! It is pretty cozy...
      As I always say, to each his own (or her own in this case)!
      Thank you for commenting!

  2. Love the outfit, Layla! It's colorful, fun, and so, "you"! It's awesome too because the cowl is a handmade gift from your mom! You, crazy...nah! Or maybe you are but I'm a little crazy too! ;) Love you!
    ~Sarah C~

    1. Thank you, Sarah.
      You're right, handmade gifts are the best!
      You know, the best people are always "a little off their rocker"...
      We can just be crazy together!
      I love you, too <3

    2. Haha! Sounds great...being cray together! ;)

    3. Ops! I meant crazy! See, I'm so crazy I can't even spell it right! ;)

    4. Haha! Sounds great...being cray together! ;)