Monday, March 9, 2015

What She Wore// The Sojourner

Hey There!
We hope you enjoyed our Thrift Haul Video! Here's an outfit Hagen put together using some of her new pieces...

 She calls it 'The Sojourner'. It's a comfy, yet durable outfit. With her Vans and backpack, she's ready for an adventure! I love the denim heart knee patch. It's actually covering up a rip from when I fell while skateboarding down a hill :) I guess you have to get creative with hand-me-downs!

 You might recognize this printed headband from the video. We forgot to mention that it was $1. Not bad for a cute accessory, eh? I fixed Hagen's hair in a quick and simple boho do.

 -What She Wore-
skinny jeans- hand-me-downs
top- thrifted $3
gray tank- from a friend
Vans- Shoe Carnival $45
backpack- Walmart $18
headband- thrifted $1

I think it's a pretty stinkin' cute outfit, what about you?
Love from,


  1. Cute look - I was just thinking recently I wanted to wear chambray + jeans soon and this is added encouragement. Good job on the hairdo Layla. :)

    1. Thanks, Paige! I personally think chambray pretty much goes with anything... ;) Wear it up!

  2. Gorgeous hairstyle! I love the heart patch on the knee, that's a great idea for covering up a rip! :)