Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Baby O is One!

Our sweet baby sister, Olivia Jane turned One this week! She is such a sweet and smart little girl. I can't believe she's already one, but at the same time I can't believe she is only one!

She really enjoyed her Gluten Free Brownie Cupcakes (which are the bomb!) You can see the sugar setting in! Of course I made her a set of matching shoes and hat! She did a little modeling for me!

Hagen made her an adorable onesie dress! I think she should sell them in the shop.

Of course she got presents from Mom and Dad, but we didn't get pictures. Here's one of Olivia enjoying her Birthday card from her Grandparents!
Isn't she adorable?!

Olivia, you are such a blessing to our family and I couldn't imagine our lives with you! Children are a Blessing from The Lord! -Layla


  1. Olivia is so beautiful! I love these pictures of her. Her hat and shoes are so cute. I can't believe she's a year old already!

    1. I know, it's hard to believe! She is such a sweet little girl. :D

  2. Thank You! It's hard to believe she can get any cuter!!