Sunday, July 1, 2012

DIY- Avocado Face Mask

Summer is here, and it brings so many things I love! I love the feeling of the hot sun soaking into my skin. I love watching the little ones run through the sprinkler. I love enjoying ripe fruits and veggies from the garden.
 But sometimes it can bring things I don't like, like humidity... and with it comes....  breakouts...
but I shall fret no more, for I have found a solution!  A wonderfully refreshing facial mask that will purge your skin of those evil little monsters, The Blackheads, and leave your face deliciously hydrated.

Oh, so you want the recipe? Of course, come on ladies, grab your messy buns and let's get started!

What you need...
1 ripe avocado
2 egg whites
1 tablespoon oats
2 drops lavender oil

What to do...
1. Place all ingredients in a food processor or blender
2. Blend for 30-45 seconds, making it smooth
3. Apply all over face or anywhere on the body
4. Leave on for 10-15 minutes
5. While you are waiting, pretend to be Hulk and chase your brother
6. Rinse mask of with warm water and feel the difference!

This is after the mask, with no make-up. My skin feels totally cleansed and rehydrated!

Avocado oil is great for the skin, helping to rehydrate.
Egg whites are for tightening and lifting the skin.
Oats are exfoliating, helping to remove dead skin cells.
Lavender oil is antiseptic and antifungal, and it smells good!

Something so simple made me so happy! Try this out and let me know if it made you happy!
God Bless!  


  1. can`t wait for you to make some for me, your skin looks so soft and fresh afterwards! Love it, and you! -mom

    1. Can't wait for you to get back and try it! Love and miss you!!

  2. Oh my goodness Layla, that looks *SO* refreshing!!


    1. Thank you Kaelyn, it is wonderful! How are you?