Wednesday, August 22, 2012

New Life

Hey y'all! Long time, no see, right? What a busy summer we have had! Here are just a few things that happened while we were away-

  1. My family went to South Carolina for 4th of July, and I stayed home to take care of the animals.
  2. They brought our cousins back here, and they spent the summer with us.
  3. Our friends house burnt down, but everyone was safe.
  4. I went on the big truck with Dad, and covered over 2,000 miles!
  5. We butchered a chicken with the cousins... ( city kids )
  6. We drove back to South Carolina, and I got to see Folly Beach...
  7. We went to a wonderful Greek restaurant, it was just like the way we cook! No soy!
  8. I have been crocheting, and crocheting, and crocheting...
  9. I learned how to make a granny square. Why I never learned before, I don't know.
  10. Mom went to Texas, and got to see some old friends, and...
  11. Annabell had her babies!!!
I am so proud of her! She had an amazing birth, and everyone was there to see it. She gave birth to twins, Luna and Maximus. I decided to name him Maximus because 1) he looks so much like the first Max and 2) because he has the same personality, and they aren't even related!
Luna & Maximus, 2 weeks old
Hagen and the sweet babies! Look at Bell's face...
Maximus, 5 weeks

Luna, 5 weeks
 I am now working on getting them registered and finding good, loving homes. God is so Good, He has blessed me, and I was able to witness new life! -Layla

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