Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Skirt Challenge- Day 1

It's Day 1 and we hit the ground running! First up is Matilda. She decided to go with a long skirt and super cute top with flip-flops. She's already talking about going back to pants!


Shirt- given by friends
Skirt- given by friends
Shoes- Wal-Mart

Next is Hagen, she is wearing a homemade patchwork skirt and a plain shirt, and is barefoot!

Shirt- stolen from big sister
 Skirt- made for birthday
Necklace- Hot Topic

Layla went with a cute A-line skirt, a plain shirt and flip-flops.


Shirt- thrifted
Tank top-Target 
Skirt- given by friend
Shoes- Old Navy
Headband- homemade 
How do you think we did for our first day? Which outfit do you like best? Blessings


  1. I have to say my favorite was the patchwork skirt!

    1. Thanks, I made it for her 13th birthday! It only took me two days ;)