Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Great Skirt Challenge

A few weeks ago, a friend gave us tons of clothes to go through. We found so many cute skirts! We all enjoy wearing skirts, but we always go back to pants a few days later. So, we decided to challenge ourselves... we are going to wear skirts/dresses for a whole month, and see if it changes our views/feelings on skirts. The Rules:

  • Skirts/Dress lengths, to the knee or below.
  • Modest shirts...
  • And our outfits have to be cute and stylish! 
Pretty easy guidelines, huh? We will be posting our outfits and progress daily, and tutorials, too!
Let us know how you think we are doing by leaving comments! Blessings- Layla 


  1. Oh fun! The girls and I will be watching and reading to see what you think - I have on capri's right now, lol! but love feeling girly and feminine in my flowy skirts ;) enjoy and have fun. Angie H.

    1. Thank you for the support, Angie! We are having fun already. Please tell the girls we miss them! <3

  2. Iv'e worn skirts almost every day of my life (except for when it snows, then on goes the snow suit!)

    Personally I don't think that Pants/Shorts/Capris are modest at all.


    1. Hi Sayna,
      Thanks for commenting, I enjoy conversating with others!
      I agree that modern shorts and pants aren't very modest, but I do believe that everyone is in their own walk with the Lord, and He gives each person their own convictions. Now, we should strive to be modest and not cause our brothers to stumble, and not defile the temple of the Lord. But we should not be legalistic about it, such as, 'You aren't going to heaven if you eat pig' or 'I can't talk to you because you don't wear skirts', etc. That is how a lot of people are here in mid- Missouri. I will say that I, personally, have been wearing more skirts than I used to. I enjoy wearing them, because I feel pretty and feminine, but not because I feel like I have to. I now have like 20 skirts, and only 1 pair of jeans. Isn't freedom in Christ wonderful?!?

    2. Freedom in Christ IS wonderful! And though a lot of the pants/shorts they have nowadays are NOT modest, there can be a way to make them more modest, such as buying longer shorts, buying skinny jeans a size bigger (like Ashley from Bramblewood Fashion), and making sure your jeans aren't too tight anywhere. I've started liking skirts a bit better now too since they make me feel feminine, and a lot of the time I DON'T feel feminine, which is a kick in my smile and confidence. There are many families in the town I live in(southeastern Washington State) where the girls where exclusively skirts or dresses, unless jeans are more practical for the occasion (such as hiking, horseback riding, or the like). Being in this same homeschool group, it's sometimes hard because you feel wrong NOT wearing a skirt (although in the past few years this feeling has kind of drifted away). Anyway :) I really thought this skirt challenge idea was cool!

    3. Hannah Elise,
      I absolutely agree! We don't wear super tight jeans. We also don't do booty- bling (pants with sparkles and rhinestones on the bum), and with my skinny jeans, I always pair them with a long, flowy shirt.
      I completely understand what you are talking about, and how you feel. I have felt that way lots of times in my life. But the thing is that I am following God's will for my life. He has not convicted my heart to wear only skirts and head coverings, but if He does, of course I will do it. It might be challenging, but I will do it!
      Thank you for your support! I will admit that towards the end of our Challenge it was hard to put on a skirt. I do love a nice pair of cowgirl jeans!