Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Skirt Challenge- Day 3

Yes, it's Day 3, and we made it this far!! Can I get a Whoot Whoot!!  :)

First off, we have Matilda, today she wore a super cute tiered red dress. 
 She also wore a stylish shrug over it.

Dress-  hand-me-down
Shrug- hand-me-down
Shoes- Wal-Mart

Hagen picked out a cute and cozy shirt to go with her homemade tiered skirt.

Shirt- hand-me-down
Tank top- wal-mart
Skirt- homemade
Shoes- wal-mart

Layla is wearing an outfit she completely made herself.
Her homemade skirt is super cute with this plain T-shirt, she made not so plain!
To see the tutorial she used, click here.


Shirt- T-shirt surgery
Skirt- homemade
Shoes- Old Navy

We are really enjoying this, and we are only on our third day!


  1. Aww thanks! You girls are beautiful!

  2. love the tiers for Matilda - love the layered look for Hagen and my, what can I say about the shirt you have on Layla - too creative and C-U-T-E

    this is inspiring - we need to get together and have a creative sewing day!

    1. Thank you! Yes, that would be so fun!! We would love to see your family again!

  3. Oh Layla! What a beautiful way to "cute" up that shirt!

    1. Thanks, Hannah!
      But, it wasn't my idea! :)
      <3 Layla