Thursday, August 23, 2012

Skirt Challenge- Day 4

So ,some how, brown turned out to be our color scheme today. And it wasn't purposefully!!!!

Today Matilda chose a Brown dress and a pair of really cute flats!

 Dress-  hand-me-down
Tank top- hand-me-down
Shoes- Target

 Hagen chose her cute, Brown plaid dress, leggings and red high tops!

 Dress- thrifted
Leggings- hand-me-down
Shoes- Shoe Carnival

Layla went more casual/cozy. She wore a cute flowy Brown skirt, and a plain shirt with puffed sleeves. (She puffed them her self.)

Shirt- thrifted
Skirt- from a friend
Shoes- Old Navy

Told you we all wore brown!!

I really love skirts, they make me feel so cute, and feminine!!




  1. LOVE your shoes Hagen.Layla you did a great job on the puffed sleeves.

    Abby C.

    1. Abby C! We haven't seen you in a while, how are you doing? Thank you for the kind words! Blessings <3