Sunday, October 14, 2012

Skirt Challenge- Day 30

I'm sad to say it, but here I go...
It's the last day of our Skirt Challenge, and this is what we wore:

 Hagen wore a plain red shirt and a homemade skirt. You can see all of the little embellishments that bring this outfit together, like her necklace, hair clip, and the birds on her skirt.

shirt- borrowed
skirt- homemade
necklace- hot topic

I finished off the Challenge with the  same skirt I started with. I paired it with a purple tank and my favorite shrug. And I did a little twisty thing to my hair.
tank- target
shrug- old navy
skirt- thrifted

I love both of our outfits, what about you? I am going to do a post to wrap this all up... thank you for going on this journey with us!
Blessings, Layla 


  1. that third pic! You can really pull that look off, girl! Your owl necklace is SO cute!
    And that shrug is quite lovely. Just curious, Layla, what colour did you paint your toenails? (Mine are the colour of pumpkin-pie right now :))
    Smiles, Rebekah C.

    1. Why, thank you Rebekah!!
      I did my nails in a deep red apple color... great for fall!

    2. Fun!!!
      Rebekah C.