Friday, January 18, 2013

Video Friday {No. 1}

Hi Friends, 
We have decided to post a video every Friday, and give you more peeks into our daily lives! 

Our first video we would like to share with you is Layla playing Amazing Grace on the guitar. She was so excited when she got it down! Like she said on Thursday, she is loving her guitar!

We hope you enjoyed seeing a little peek into our lives! We are looking forward to making more videos, it's gonna be SO fun 
(and funny)!


  1. Yeah! Go Layla! BTW, are you left-handed?

    1. Why, Thank ya! Nope, I'm a righty, but my Mom and brothers are lefties!

    2. papa saw that you were playing the guitar left-handed... I had to ask :) So, you can brag that you are musically ambidextrous!!!
      Smiles, RC

  2. You have a pretty voice, Layla :) I play the piano mainly though I can play the violin (rather badly) and the guitar (a little). I also love to sing :)

  3. Awesome Layla! You have such a beautiful voice. I can't play any instruments now, but I used to play trombone in my school band. I know that sounds nerdy. :)

  4. That sounds very pretty! You play left-handed? My brother Joel and I both play guitar. We can play about 7 songs, but we have been playing for about 3 1/2 weeks =D

    ~Ruth Keller~

  5. Thank-you to all of you sweet ladies for the kind comments! When I was in public school I learned guitar. After I started homeschooling I didn't play for a long time. My parents bought me this guitar for Christmas last year, but I have just started getting serious about playing it in the last 6 months! I strum with my right hand, and play the frets with my left. I was insecure about my playing for quite some time, but I'm starting to get over it! My sister and I are writing songs together, so hopefully we will make some videos for you all! Thank-you all again!
    <3 Layla