Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Birthday Cowboy

This past weekend our sweet little brother, Eli, turned 4! 

 He was the roughest, toughest 4 year old in the West. All the outlaws shook in their boots at the mention of his name. They feared the wooden steed he rode. They feared his right-hand man, Jack. Those sissies ran in fear when they saw that bright orange hunter's cap coming their way. 

Eli on his wooden horse Dad made, sporting his legendary hunter's cap, made by Layla.

Jack, his right- hand man, made by Hagen.

Another wooden masterpiece, made by none other than Dad.

A little video of Eli blowing out his candles. You can hear how musically talented we are (wink wink).

We had quite the celebration. Eli really enjoyed it! After all the singing, presents and cake, we were all tuckered out. 

We love you, Eli, and know that you will be a loving and protecting Father and Husband some day!
Layla & Hagen 


  1. I loved seeing the video and hearing the singing. So cute! Eli is such a cute guy!!! I'm glad he had such a fun b'day.

    Layla and Hagen, you are such good "big sisters" to him. I enjoyed your little story about him above.

    Wow! That's a neat stick horse from his dad.

    Love to all, Mimi

  2. Happy Birthday to this super dupper cute little boy !
    Have a blessed day dear Layla and Hagen !

  3. Wow! He's so cute :) At birthday gatherings we always try to make "Happy Birthday" sound as awful as possible.... You guys were pretty good (at making it sound good, I mean--that song is impossible even for the musically inclined)!

  4. NO WAY!!! That was like a Carniglia birthday! We turn out ALL the lights, bring out the cake, sing the birthday song, often with more enthusiasm than accuracy :), and at the very end, it is debated as to how the candles should be extinguished. Happy Birthday, Eli! I love your horse!