Wednesday, January 23, 2013

What She Wore Wednesdays- Striped Skirt

Hey dear friends!
Do you miss seeing our outfits? We miss posting them! I did a post, What She Wore, 2 weeks ago and now we want to start doing What She Wore Wednesdays. I think it should be fun. Now you will have more to look forward to, I hope!

I am posting my sister, Hagen's outfit. I have to say I absolutely LOVE her outfit! I was literally jumping around with excitement while I was taking her pictures!

I think she looks so vintage-y, but with her own twist!

Literally!  I am happy with how this little twisty up-do turned out. It took me all of 2 minutes to create, mostly because we didn't want to lose daylight! I am thinking of doing a little video tutorial. Would you be interested in that? 

 (( sigh))



 As I have said many times before, she is amazing at posing!

It just comes naturally to her, I guess...

-What She Wore-
lacy top: Old Navy $6
skirt: made by her $0
jacket: Wal-mart $8
flats: from a friend $0

This adorable outfit cost only $14! And not to mention, she did a wonderful job of putting it together, don't you think?

I am looking forward to doing tomorrow's I <3 Thursday post, are you?



  1. Ah, yes. The "bliss and sunlight" picture is the one that took my breath away. She is a natural at modeling...
    Please post the tutorial; it would be fun to try in Abby's hair :)

  2. I think so too, Rebekah!
    I sure will post it, in few weeks probably. We have lots of videos in store...
    <3 Layla

  3. Hagen is gorgeous, has as you say a natural gift for posing, and also as you said a lovely sense of style. And you did an amazing job with these photos! Are those tracks still usable? I hope no trains threatened you . . . :) I would love to see a hair tutorial, and you seem very talented when it comes to hair, Layla!