Friday, February 8, 2013

Video Friday {No. 3 & 4}

Hello Everyone!
It's Video Friday... are you dying for some videos? I'm sure you are! We will do two videos this week, you know, since we.... uh... didn't do one last week... sorry...(hangs head)

So, now that apologies are out of the way, our first video is of Hagen showing you how we soak our seeds and nuts. 

Nuts and seeds can be hard on your body, so soaking is an easy way to aid in digestion.

Now, the second video we are sharing is a funny one that Hagen made this summer. She was on the truck with Dad and tapped their whole day. It's quite humorous...

  We hope you enjoy these videos! We enjoy making them! What kind of videos would you like to see in the future?

Have a blessed weekend!
Layla & Hagen  



  1. Thank-you for posting the videos!!! Loved the first one, it was nice and helpful and I LOVED the second one, it FUNNY we were laughing our heads off!!!! :) Thank-you again!!!

  2. Both videos were great! The first one was informative; I've never soaked seeds or nuts before, didn't know what soaking was good for, and wouldn't know how to soak them if I tried! And the second one was HILARIOUS. :) Oh, Olivia is adorable, and so is Eli!

  3. the 2nd video is so funny!! LOL!!! I would LOVE to see more videos like these!!!!! :D

  4. Just now got to watch these videos. The second video is hilarious! Makes me want to head out on the road in a truck! :) Olivia and Eli are too cute.