Thursday, February 7, 2013

Layla's #19

I am going to make a post...
about Layla's Birthday....
that took place a week ago...

I know...
I am terrible, not posting about it until now.

But... She sure had a good one! :)

So, first of she won a mini photo shoot from our friend, who is also our dads boss's daughter...
The shoot just happened to take place on her birthday!


This is one of my favorites!

    To see more lovely pictures visit:
Rejoicing In Life Photography 

Of course we ate cake...
Well... it was more like brownies.

 I chopped up some almonds and
 sprinkled them on top....

 I also made some blueberry syrup to pore on top.

 I have a confession....
I tried to arrange the candles on the cake into the shape of the # 19... 
Well I messed up and it looked like I.P. not 19.

  Okay... so I made a backwards nine.
Maybe it could be I.P. for Important Person? 
Layla is very important! :)

She opened presents...

Mom made her an adorable bubble skirt.
Matilda made Paper dolls and
 a paper house to go with them. 
I made a guitar strap cover, but I felt really bad because it did not fit over her strap! :(
So now she uses it as a headband....
Gabe made her a wood burning.
Oh, and a few friends sent her a package that included, many cards, a coffee thermos, pressed flowers and many other things!

 Her birthday skirt...

 It's cute cuz mama made it....
You know it!

 Layla's coffee... excuse me...Tea thermos.
She is against coffee... ;)

~ Layla ~

You are Lovely, Awesome, full of laughter, loving, best big sister EVER!!
Thank you for being such a good example to me.
A world without you
 is like a night without a moon...
I know, pretty cheesy, right? :)

Layla is awesome. period.

Blessings~ Hagen


  1. Hey Girls ! I missed a few of your last post, and i regret it because what you posted (the outfits) are gorgeous ! I love it ! You're creative and beautiful young ladies !
    Happy belated birthday Layla ! You look great on the pictures of your photoshoot and I love the new skirt ! Your mom is talented !
    I can't wait to discover some more "what she wore" posts because they're so inspiring !
    Blessings !

  2. LOVE pictures #3 and #13!!! Glad that Layla likes her thermos :) Happy Birthday, again! Thanks Hagen, for sharing the lovely photos and post!

  3. Ok so first thing's first congratulations Layla on winning the photo shoot, I LOVE the pic of you with your gun!!! The cake/brownies look SO good "hint-hint" :) Yes, Layla who is 19 is an impotent person!! Love here bubble skit!!! I seem to be liking EVERY thing about Layla's Birthday!! Glad she liked the package! Hear hear I am against coffee to!!! Thank-you so much Hagen for the post!!! And yes Layla is AWESOME!!!!!