Wednesday, February 6, 2013

What She Wore Wednesdays~ Country Dress

Dear Readers...
Please forgive us!!
We have not done what we said we would do...

But... I am going to make it up to you!!

This fine Wednesday
Layla wore a duper cute country dress that one of our good friends, Kaelyn from Farm Girl Fashion,
   made for Layla's Birth Day!

And when she paired it with her combat boots,
it really set it of!

Ain't she so cute? :)

The dress was just a tad to big...
so she tailored it a bit...
and added some elastic to the sleeves to make them puffy! 

 I really like this one...
the wind was blowing just right!

Dress- made by friend  $0
Boots- army surplus store $25
Headband- homemade $0

I Love this outfit!! 
What are your thoughts?

I will be posting Matilda next, so don't go away!!

Blessings~ Hagen     

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