Wednesday, February 6, 2013

What She Wore Wednesdays- Floral Maxi

Alright, I promised you Matilda's outfit...
So, here it is!

 This used to be my dress...
I was so sad when it got to small for me!
But, I am glad that I could pass it down to her,
She looks so cute in it!
 Can you tell she was cold?
The sun was starting to set....

  The colors look really good on her!

Dress- hand-me-down $0
 Shirt- from friend $0

Okay, so obviously we get a lot of our clothes from our friends... But $0... Seriously? 

Oh and just to get you anxious, we have been sewing... Post to come soon!

Okay, so now I am rambling...
What did you think of 'Tilda's outfit?

Until next time,
        Blessing~ Hagen        

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