Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A Trip to the Beach

We now live 30 minutes from the beach....
I am so excited about this simple fact!
Yet this fact really isn't that simple...
The water, the waves, the sand, the shells, 
the seagulls...
Any way, sorry to ramble... 

Yesterday we took a trip to Surfside beach!
It was kinda chilly so we just got our feet wet...
But it was so pretty!!

Olivia was so cute in her little sun dress!


If only her beautiful blue eyes were open!

It was so beautiful... 
A walk down the beach is so refreshing!
I can't wait until it is warm enough to actually swim! I am in hopes to put a little video together. I got quite a bit of footage while we were there. :) 

Well, all for now! I hope you enjoyed this post!
Blessings, Hagen   



  1. I love it, Hagen! It's beautiful there, if slightly unusual . . . I live in the Pacific Northwest, and all the sand on the beaches is dark gray!

  2. oh my!! How pretty! It must be sooooo Fun to live next to a beach, That would be a wonderful dream come true for me! <3
    Love and Prayers~Leah

  3. Those are some awesome photos! My favorite might be the last one... but they are all AWESOME!

  4. Great pictures ! It's so good to read again from you girls !
    Blessings from France !

  5. Beautiful! I just LOVE the beach :)

  6. Beautiful pictures Hagen! So excited for your whole family on your new adventures! Love Sarah