Wednesday, May 8, 2013

What She Wore Wednesday~ Sunday Best

Hello Lovelies! 
A quick apology: I intended for this post to be up already, but apparently the internet thought otherwise. ;)
Tonight's post features outfits from a few weeks ago, which we wore to church. 

Hagen wore a blue floral shirt, striped skirt and black bow flats.  
 I love how she hiked up her skirt to make it high-waisted! I think it suites her. You can't really see the pattern of her shirt very well in this picture.

If you look closely, you can see the flowers on her shirt. I love the floral and stripe pattern play!

This is a lovely shot of her, don't you think?
~What She Wore~
shirt- from a friend $0
tank- walmart $3
skirt- made by her $0
shoes- from a friend $0
hair clip- homemade $0  

Only 3 bucks? That makes this outfit even cuter!

I tried my hand at the boho style. I wore a simple black dress, strappy sandals, and a headband.
I tend to twiddle my fingers when I am having my picture taken...

 Oh yes, how could I forget, I also wore my favorite feather earring which Hagen made from our own duck!

Look out, this boho hobo needs a ride!
~What She Wore~
dress- Ross $7
shoes- walmart $10
headband- made by me $0
earring- Christmas gift $0

Well, 17 bucks isn't too bad, right?
I hope you enjoyed seeing these outfits as much as we enjoyed wearing them!


  1. Both outfits are so so so cute ! I especially love Hagen's shirt ! And yes, highwaist suits her well !
    Have a fantastic day !

  2. I LOVE the last pic of you Layla! :) Yes, a lovely photo of Hagen! Thank-you for sharing! Love ya both <3.