Thursday, June 20, 2013

I ♥ Thursday {No. 10}

It's Thursday, thursday...
Okay, I won't go there...
Here are just a few things we have been loving/doing for the past few weeks:

First off, let's start with chocolate, because chocolate deserves to come first. Enjoy Life is our favorite brand of chocolate, it's allergen free, so we can all enjoy it!

Second comes books and the library. We love going to the library and diving into a good book, like this one...

"The Watch That Ends The Night" by Allan Wolf is an amazing book we both recently finished. I have to say it is one of the best Titanic books I have read!

The beach, of course! When we went last weekend, the waves were full of jellyfish. Arrg, those jellyfish just float around looking cute and harmless, and when you least expect it, ZAP!

 Source: via Pinterest

Writing and receiving letters from our long-distance friends is awesome! It makes you feel close, when it seems like you are a million miles away...

Source: via Nautical Nonsense
Collecting shells has become a fun hobby of ours. You never know what things you will find that have been washed ashore...

source: via Pinterest

And just loving the big state of Texas!

What have you been loving?
So, are you ready for the first day of Summer tomorrow? According to the heat here, we thought it already was Summer!
Layla & Hagen

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