Friday, June 14, 2013

Video Friday {No. 6}

Happy Friday, Everyone!
 Today we are going to share a short little video of one of our favorite creatures, the Coquina Clam.

We love watching these little creatures dig down into the sand. I am always amazed at how strong God made them! Each time a wave sweeps over, the clam burrows itself quickly into the sand, out of danger.

Coquina clam shells come in a rainbow of colors, varying from pinkish-purple to creamy yellow. Most of the time, the inside of the shell is the prettiest! I think the Coquina Clam is a good reminder of ourselves... even though sometimes we may not feel pretty on the outside, we must remember that God is our creator, and has made us in the likeness of His image!

We hope you enjoy this little creature and reminder as much as we do!
Layla & Hagen

1 comment:

  1. What a beautiful comparison between us and the clams! And isn't it wonderful, how He protects us like a stable surrounding of sand, when the waves of life could sweep us away? Thank-you for sharing this!