Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Picture Post

I desperately wanted to do a blog post, but to be honest, I had no idea what to post about. But, of course, it hit me. I ought to just do a picture post! You know how I am...

I'll start with a few amazing photos of our beautiful Texas sky...

The other day there was a beautiful rainbow, but what was even more beautiful about it was that God sent it and reminded us of His promise before the rain came! Isn't that extraordinary? Just another reminder of His great love for us! 
I can't help but feel like I over-did the editing on this it, but I couldn't bring myself to undo it. What do you think?

Again the Lord showing His mighty hand through His creation!

 I like that you can see the family over in the background in this one and how tall the clovers look!

 Vine-ing branches...

 Rustic wood...

We've been calling this flower,
 "The Mad Hatter's Hat," and, 
"The flower from Wonderland!"
Anyone have any idea what this flower is called?
Whatever it is, it is fabulous! 

 Rainy day reading...
(Photo courtesy to Layla on that one.)

 Baby O and her bright blue eyes!

 Okay, so obviously, Olivia likes blackberries! :)

 Miniature sand dunes...

 Layla & I.



...And, more trees! I love them, so many different kinds. One's bark might be jagged and course, and others smooth. Some leaves thick and glossy, and others thin and brittle. 
I. Am. A. Tree. Hugger.

Baby O just so happens to be a tree hugger also...

 ...And loves gazing at the sky...
(Can you tell who she gets it from?)

Well, I do believe it is getting late...
I trust you enjoyed these pictures, yes?
Have pleasant dreams and a great Thursday!


  1. WOW Hagen! Your photography is amazing! God has given you a great gift! And you are using it well! I enjoyed all of the pics. But I really like the one with your and Layla's hands <3. I love this picture post...your have to do it more often! :) I love ya and hope ya'll doing well!

  2. Those photos are breathtaking! God bless!

    1. Thank You, Julianne! That is very kind of you! I am glad you enjoyed seeing them...