Saturday, September 28, 2013


Whoa, just whoa....

We are so, so sorry.
We left you hanging for 3 months, without any notice of our disappearance.  

But Huzzah, we are back and we have many tales to tell of our adventures. 

After we posted our last post, we upped and moved back to Missouri. Things just didn't go too well with Dad's job, so we had to back-track. At the time it seemed quite frustrating, but looking back, we can see how God had His hand in it all. We are back in our home, our home. It may seem like a waste of time and money, but for us it was a trial we had to go through to learn a detrimental lesson: we had everything we needed already. By this we mean, that we need to do the best with what God blesses us with, show Him that we are good stewards. Our dream as a family has always been to have a plot of land where we can farm, garden and live peaceably among men. Before we lived in the RV, we thought that .48 acre was not enough space for this dream. But, after living in a 32 foot metal box, it seems like more than enough! I guess it's all about perspective. So, when we look back on the RV life, we do not see a horror film (though it seemed like one at the time) but we remember all the relationships we built, the shells we collected, and see it as an extended-working-vacation.

In summation, we went from Missouri to Texas to Missouri with a renewed mind and outlook on life. Sure, we had our ups and downs, but God never ceases to amaze! He gently puts us through the refining fire, and though it may be painful, when He pulls us out, our spirits are renewed, cleansed, and burden-less. This verse just about sums it up!

We hope you can forgive us (once again) for dropping off the face of the blogging world. We will do as many posts we can when we have access to the internets, for we personally have none at the moment. May your weekend be blessed, and your spirits renewed!
Layla & Hagen  


  1. I'm so, so happy to see you back, Layla and Hagen! I missed you, but I do understand :)

    What an encouraging post. I love that you shared with us what you learned through this experience!

  2. Nice to see y'all back!!!! My sister and her family once moved to Missouri for a job opportunity. Over 14 hours away from home in Tennessee. When they arrived, my sister found out she was pregnant with *twins*. It was the hardest thing ever for them. No family. No friends. Hours away from anything but trees and tiny neighborhoods. God used that time, though.

  3. Dear ones! It is so wonderful to see you back!
    Life has so many seasons, and it sounds like you had to go through a difficult Winter. Yet God has been good to you, brought you home, and given you a fresh perspective on appreciation and contentment. You are strong in Him, and He is all that you will ever need, no matter where you are. Hallelujah!
    Love you both.....thanks for the blog post!
    Smiles, Rebekah