Wednesday, June 26, 2013

What She Wore Wednesday ~ Boho Guest

This Wednesday we are doing something new.
At church this past Sunday, a friend was wearing an adorable outfit, and since we don't have anything new to share, we are posting Haley.

I was so excited to be able to take pictures of her, it was like a little mini photo-shoot!  
It was also very easy to take pictures of her because she was so good at posing...

Her outfit is a boho style and it is very sophisticated.

Her white sandals are very cute, and I think her nail polish almost matches the floral print on her dress.


Haley's vintage-y jewelry adds a lot of depth to the outfit, and her necklace watch actually ticks and tells you the time...

 Also, the earrings are simple but stylish and I love the shrug she paired with this dress. And, I almost forgot, I adore her large bun! 

Haley said that she loves to buy clothes from different stores and piece them together. That's one thing that makes shopping fun, right? She also mentioned that making outfits is one of her hobbies. It makes me happy that she is dressing modestly as she is being a fashionista... ;)

Haley asked me not to post all the prices to this outfit because it is not one of her thriftiest ones. But you can still know where she got it. :)

~What She Wore~

Dress: Sears
Shrug: Kohls
Shoes: Payless
Necklace & Ring: Hobby Lobby
Earrings: Wal-mart

I'll give you an idea of the price, 
it is more than $25. That's all I can say... :)  

Well, I hope you liked seeing a new face! It was very enjoyable for me to be able to post something new for y'all! 
What are your thoughts on this boho outfit? 

Blessings, Hagen
(And Layla, because I always ask her advice on what I should say...)


  1. I feel so honored to be a guest on your blog! Thanks a bunch! ;)

    1. Oh, you're so welcome! Thanks for letting us feature you ! <3 Hagen

  2. What a lovely and dramatic combination. Haley, you are so photogenic! My toes would be curling up to hide if someone tried to take a picture of them! Great job to y'all!

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