Sunday, February 2, 2014

What She Wore// Winter Fairy

Hello Lovelys!
 It is snowing as I type and it reminded me of this outfit Layla wore when we had tons of snow....

 I love how her blue eyes look so bright! She looks like a winter fairy!

She just looks like she belongs in the snow! She's one Winter Beauty!

-What She Wore-

Sweater- from a friend $0
Skirt- home made $0
Boots- walmart $20
Leggings- walmart $7
Braided belt- somewhere in the mall $8

Well, I best be getting to bed.....
I hope you enjoyed this outfit! What do you think of it?

Are you getting any snow?




  1. You look Lovely in the snow, Layla! I just adore the outfit especially that blue sweater! Awesome photos, Hagen!

  2. I love the colors in this outfit! Nice styling job. :)

  3. Hey Hagen!

    What a lovely post! I love the outfit so much, I think it is just absolutely adorable! The boots and blue-ish tights are TOO cute. Loved the post a lot! <3

    Ashley B.

  4. I still like the colors of this outfit! :D I have decided to nominate you for the Sunshine Award. :) If you want to participate, the details are on my blog. If not, I understand.

    1. Hey Paige! So sorry we haven't responded to you... haven't had much time on the laptop since Dad started his classes :) We will certainly participate! Thank you so much!!