Friday, January 31, 2014

A Birthday and an Outfit

So today was Layla's birthday! (Is it obvious that we have a lot of birthdays in Jan.?)
I can't believe she's 20! She says it's just another year of life, but I'm so thankful for the many years with her!

She is bright and practical, and I love her! I love her laugh and her bright blue eyes, I love our late night talks and how we always know what the other is going to say just by looking at each other! I love photographing her and, being the little sister, I feel it my duty to *sometimes* get on her nerves....which can be a lot of fun at times... Sorry sis! :)

 Anyway, here was how her day went....

To start, her and I went out to a local farm and picked up milk. While we were out I got some pics of her!

-What She Wore-

Sweater- from a friend $0
Skirt- from a friend $0
Leggings- walmart $7
Boots- army surplus $30

And then, of course, we commenced the celebration!

 Delicious chocolate (of course chocolate) cake with chocolate, orange, and peanut butter icing!
I did the piping myself....


I decide to withhold from you the video of us singing happy birthday. I thought you might be tired of hearing our untalented singing voices....
But here are a few pics of Layla opening her gifts!

Olivia made her an ankle bracelet....

 Mom got her tea making cup thing, (not what it's called at all!) Basically there's a little basket type thing that you place in the cup that holds your desired teas and it'll just steep right there in the cup! Pretty cool!

She got a few little homemade things, a necklace and I made her a friendship bracelet and a few Shrinky Dink rings....

And for dinner we (dare I say it?!?!) went out to eat at a delicious mexican restaurant!

I LOVE you SO much Layla! Happy Birthday!




  1. Happy Birthday Layla! cute outfit!

  2. Love your birthday outfit and so glad you had a great 20th(hard to believe that we're both so old ;) birthday! And GASP! you went out to eat, so fun!