Monday, August 11, 2014

Everything is AWESOME!

Last week we celebrated eleven years with Gabe. I just can't believe he is already eleven!
It was a rather Lego-y birthday, hence the title of this post... We had just seen The Lego Movie so we were singing, "Everything is Awesome" the whole time!

 Everyone thought that the little green candies were peas...

 A gluten-free, vanilla cake with cream cheese icing is always a good mix.

We usually don't have as many candles as we need, so we just put them in the shape of 11.

 Eli said that his drawing was Gabe's wedding suit.

 He got from cards to letters to...

 You guessed it, Legos!

I, too, got him some Legos.

 After cake we ate dinner. 'Cause what's a birthday without eating cake first?
We had a dinner of his choice. Corn on the cob and what we call, "meat muffins." 
 It was quite scrumptious.

I am so blessed to have Gabe as my brother. Our whole family is blessed by him.
 He has such a sweet heart and is always smiling. His happy attitude cheers us all up on rough days. 
We don't always get along, but he never holds a grudge.
 I love my bro. 



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  1. This post reminds me of my 11 year old brother (that also happens to love Legos, and of course, the Lego movie!!!). That everything is awesome song is catch-y, isn't it? Lol;D

    Great post, Hagen:)