Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Life// Dad's Birthday

Last month, the day after Valentines Day to be exact, we had the privilege of celebrating Dad's birthday.

 Quite an assortment of gifts...

 We always have a hard time deciding what to make him for his gifts, but usually end up making food. Lots of different foods. He likes food... And this year we made him his very own cookie cake. (Piping by Layla)

Our Dad is awesome. Period. He carries the weight of everything. He juggles a full time job, full time school and full time family. And still smiles and makes us smile!
He teaches us in the way we should go daily.
                He always make up some little song for each occasion. Even when I'm just doing dishes. 
       He is quite a dork, I must say.
And I love him. I wouldn't trade him for any other dad in the world.
We LOVE you, Dad!


  1. It looks like you gave your dad a quite special birthday celebration! :)
    By the way, your gift wrapping looks familiar...our local natural foods store has something similar. ;)

    1. Yeah, it was fun! Haha! Recycle, right? :)

  2. I love seeing photos of your family celebrations! They always look like so much fun! =D

    1. Awe, thanks, Sarah! Glad you enjoy seeing them! :)