Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Recipe~ Cider Tonic

Need a quick pick-me-up this summer? Try one of my favorite drinks!

This drink is not only tasty and refreshing, it's chock full of health benefits!

A safe detox- Each of the three ingredients in this drink are great for the body, flushing out unwanted toxins.
Aids in digestion- Apple cider vinegar not only provides good probiotics, but it's also acidic, helping in the digestion of food and absorbtion of vitamins.
Immune booster- Full of antioxidants to ward off bacteria and fungal infections. 

I know this isn't an original recipe, but it is a recipe I love!
 All you need is:

8oz filtered water
2 tsp apple cider vinegar
2 tsp honey 

The best vinegar to use, in my opinion, is Bragg's (sorry to brag, hehe). If you are new to apple cider vinegar, I would suggest you start with 1 teaspoon of vinegar first, just to get used to the taste, then up it to 2 teaspoons.
You can also make a big jar to put in the fridge for a quick, cooling summer drink. It tastes a bit like lemonade! 

There are so many uses for ACV (apple cider vinegar). From intestinal health to hair care, I love it! Thank you, Lord, for apple cider vinegar!


  1. oooh I'm happy to see I have all the ingredients for this! Thanks for sharing :)

    Sorry about the delay with the guest post. I'm going to get on that tomorrow.

    1. So glad you can try it! You might want to go easy at first, it can be a bit over powering :)

      No biggie, we look forward to what you have in store!