Saturday, March 14, 2015

Life// A Frozen Birthday

I realized that I still hadn't put up this post. So I scrambled to get it up.
 It is a very important post, I'd say.
   Olivia turned four last month. 
                   Her most favorite movie of all time is Frozen.

So we couldn't just throw her a birthday party. It had to be a Frozen birthday party.
                 So that is what we did...

Cake is the beginning to all birthdays. Lets start with that, shall we?
                         A delicious double layered vanilla cake with pink and blue piping accents...
                                                         Aaanndd, cupcakes!
We decorated with streamers and confetti, but sadly I did rather poorly of capturing them... 
We'll leave that bit out...
What's a Frozen birthday without some Frozen garb, right? Mom made her an Anna dress and cape and decided to give it to Olivia ahead of time so she could wear it during cake and such.
                      Isn't she adorable? What's more is that it was even snowing. Perfection!
Most of her gifts had something to do with, you guessed it, Frozen.
 Anna dress, Frozen glow in the dark wand, Frozen mittens, the Frozen movie.... She was ecstatic! There were also somethings not Frozen related (to balance it out a bit...).

        To conclude the day we sat around with bellies full of cake and ice cream watching Frozen.
I do believe this party was quite a success.

Bonus pic! (Just to show her sassy side...)


  1. She is adorable! I'm glad that she had a good time! My little sisters also really like frozen!

    1. I would agree!
      What little girl doesn't, right? :)

  2. So. Adorably. Cute. My little sisters love that movie too! I personally prefer Tangled, but how can you not love Olaf?!

  3. My 8 year-old sister had a Frozen birthday as well last year. Anna is every little girl's hero, right?