Friday, January 4, 2013

Year 2012 overview

Since it is now 2013, I thought I might do an overview of last year. I will speak mostly in pictures. :)

80's Day!

 This was one of few fish we caught last year.

 Painting the living room. Now it is the dining room.

 Just woke up from her nap! :)

 Oh, how I miss them...

 I will warn you. The next image is a pic of chicken feet. Unattached, of course.


Yep... this was our very first chicken to butcher.
 This was when I first got my braces. You can tell how my teeth didn't quite fit right....


You wanna  know what happened next?

 We took a trip to Charleston, S.C.

 And of course we went to the beach!

 Our mama goat, Bell, had her baby's!

 I started my photography!

 We started the The Great Skirt Challenge!


 We tore the carpet off our stairs and painted them.

 We got rabbits!

  Layla bought her first gun...

 We started building the Hoop House.
 Mom painted the fruits of the spirit on our stairs.

We went shooting with some friends!

 We made lots of apple, sauce and juice.

Layla went to the Campbell's. She posted about it here. She had lots of fun, she even spent Thanksgiving with them!

Then, I got a cat! Mimzie is her name.
  Mom got a dog! Charlie is his name.

 Layla came home!

 More baby rabbits were born.
 We started decorating for Christmas!


 So... That was last year, all rapped up for you!

 Happy New Year!
Blessings, Hagen


  1. HAHAH!!! Oh Hagen I LOVE all of these pics!!

    1. Oh, Thanks! It's fun to look back,there were so many pics! It was really hard to narrow it down!